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Why Choose Us

Choose us for our wide variety of beautifully packaged, quality products, secure in the knowledge that we adhere to the strictest quality standards.

By purchasing our product, you are supporting a proudly South African business, and one that plays an empowering role in the local economy. We distribute our products through individual sales agents, who mark up for resale, thereby facilitating a number of small business and income generating opportunities.
We sell our products at our shops at 27 Boxes Melville and Workshop Newtown in Newtown, and also supply a variety of formal outlets. Please visit our website for a product catalog and up-to-date listing of product suppliers.

Key People

Managing Director and Founder, Ntshantsha Tafeni, has a B.Com (UWC), PBL (UNISA), Mini MBA (Belgium & UCT), MMP (UCT). With some 18 years of experience in new product development, the marketing industry, communications and human resources she was ideally positioned to launch Yivani Naturalsas a successful enterprise.

Her direct marketing structureand wide network of distributors givesother SMEs an opportunity to start or expand their businesses,creating employment and contributing to the country’s economy. Ntshantsha brings project management, event management and facilitationexperience to the smooth running of her business. Her passion for excellence drives her ongoing attention to development opportunities for Yivani and a heightened dedication to customer satisfaction.

Milestones and Achievements

  1. Selection for various mentorship programmes, most recently the J.P. Morgan/Fetola #JustAddGreen business accelerator programme for SMEs active in the green economy.

  2. Export business to the UK and West Africa secured via the Branson Centre.

  3. Operating and owning an automated manufacturing plant that adheres to strict quality controls and standards of SABS, Proudly South African, CSIR and Cosmetics regulatory bodies.

  4. Opening of our first two shops at 27 Boxes and Newtown Junction.