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Are your products natural?

YIVANI manufactures natural skincare using African indigenous herbs and oils, our products has no chemicals, they are free of Parabens, PET, Petroleum, Propylene Glycol and others.

What is the shelf life of Yivani products?

The product’s shelf life is 8-12 months unopened, 6-8 months opened.

Are you a local brand?

Yes YIVANI is produced in Fourways, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Are your products tested and certified?

We work with the SABS (South African Bureau of Standards), CSIR, testing laboratories, for testing efficacy, toxicology, dermatological testing, allergy, and do certification. And they have passed the gruesome process.

Any products tested on animals?

Our products are totally vegan, no YIVANI products are tested on animal.

When will the results show?

Results differ from person to person,some will show after a few application, some will take a few weeks and some a month or more, also dependent on what we are naturally treating.

Have Yivani been around very long?

Started operating formally and getting into the market in 2011but been working behind doors on formulations, product development and testing since 2009.

Product Disclaimer

If you have a medical condition, or sensitivity to some ingredients, to be sure if you can use our products please do consult your physician prior starting using them. We only use ingredients that have been approved by a toxicologist to ensure safety and efficacy.  However we have conducted dermatological testing and efficacy to make sure that they don’t have adverse effects on the skin. As much as all these tests are done will not accept responsibility for any claim, damage, injury or loss that may occur and be associated with the use of the products. Yivani only offer the products as a natural alternate therapy at no stage we claim medicinal benefits.